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Designers: Joana Fraga and Azambuja Varela.


Dimensions (length x width x height)

cm: 125 x 130 x 200

in: 49.21 x 51.18 x 78.74


Inspiration: With the inherent comfort of cork, the crib conveys a sense of calm and safety to the baby, in a shape reminiscent of a nest. This version shows the crib suspended, as if in the beak of a stork, allowing for gentle rocking.
A baby must enjoy full protection and the shape of the crib has been devised to provide this, its naturally cushioning material cradling and lulling. Carved from a single cork block, with optional side perforations the crib may be endowed with a lacy appearance, allowing for ventilation and better visibility of the infant.


250 pieces limited edition

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