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DESIGN: Our raison d’être.
Each PEARL CORK creation is proof of the team’s passionate commitment to eco-friendly customized design with the veneer of sophistication. It is our belief that exclusivity of design makes for distinction.


PERSONALITY: Glamour and charisma.
The fusion of cork with other materials creates a synergy of sensations that bestow an exquisite and desirable quality on our creations. Drawing inspiration from a style that is at the same time contemporary, ecological and multicultural, Pearl Cork marries the perfection of cork with excellence of design.


EXCELLENCE: Making your wishes come true
We aim to fashion limited editions of creations – exclusively custom-designed – offering distinction through the pursuit of excellence.


INNOVATION: Cork … like you’ve never seen it before!
We constantly strive for innovation, in an ongoing dynamic of mindfulness and perseverance. Innovation means incessantly seeking to increase value and create a difference for our customers with the addition of exclusive features, bestowing on Pearl Cork and its portfolio an exquisite, desirable and exclusive quality.


PASSION: Is what drives us...
We passionately believe in Pearl Cork and its mission. This fervor shines through in our creations, and it is intensely gratifying to be able to express it through our work and share it with our customers and admirers.