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Cork is a natural product whose exploitation not only does not affect the processes of the ecosystem but in fact makes it possible to provide key environmental services in the Mediterranean Basin through the cork oak forests and woodlands.


The slogan ‘nothing is lost everything is transformed’ applies perfectly to the cork industry. Throughout the production process all the waste produced by making natural stoppers is turned into useful products of the finest quality. From special stoppers and agglomerates to panels for flooring and cladding, decorative articles for home and office, art and design pieces, soles for shoes, applications in the automotive sector, military and aerospace industries, chemical products for pharmaceutical purposes, and many other uses. And cork powder is even used in the cogeneration of electricity.

100% of cork is used, nothing is wasted.

Combining Design with commitment to innovation, in the past few years cork has developed significantly in terms of how it can be used, in particular for the manufacture of garments and furniture, decoration and many other original uses. But the world of cork is vast and a great deal of potential is yet to be explored.

And this is the purpose of PEARL CORK, our added-value and value proposition; it is to show the world the potential of this exceptional raw material, innovating in unique pieces and custom design and decoration, thereby supporting the biodiversity and sustainability of the planet.